Rugged understands your world, and fits into it with project based pricing.

We understand each construction project is as unique as the intricate design it follows. At Rugged Robotics, we tailor our full-service layout to meet your project’s specific needs, which is why you’ll receive a price that matches the exact scope of your layout requirements.


How do we determine the cost of your full-service layout?

We consider many factors that could impact the timeline, complexity, and size of your commercial construction project to determine the price of our full-service layout.

Project Size

What is the physical size of your construction project?

Project Schedule

When, where and over what time frame is your project?

Project Scope

What trades require layout services?

Quantity/Density of Layout Information

How much detail do you need Rugged to process and print?

Project Features

Are there any unusual conditions, project features, or logistical considerations we need to account for?


Tell us about your project.