Sharpen your competitive edge with layout automation.

Rugged makes sure layout is getting done quickly and correctly the first time—speeding up layout and installation processes, and boosting your reputation for delivering high-quality results.


Dominate the market and get more done with robot-powered efficiency.

Modernize and accelerate your layout and installation processes with the power and precision of robotics—enabling your commercial construction project to stay on schedule and achieve exceptional results every time.

We’ve helped these leading teams ditch the chalk.

Hansel Phelps
Lee Kennedy

Maximize efficiency with multi-trade layout.

Unlock the ability to lay down lines for all trades at once with Rugged’s full-service layout. Boost productivity, optimize resource allocation, and achieve significant cost savings—all while delivering projects with superior speed and precision.

Get layout right the first time with pinpoint accuracy.

Ensure precise layout execution with our system’s 5 ½” printhead, agile drive system, and the ability to print crucial layout data and details directly onto the floor—providing build-by-number clarity and setting the stage for faster, easier installations while mitigating the need for costly rework.


Introduce automation into layout workflows, minus the risk.

Our Mark1s don’t require a bulky total station to run, which allows us to deliver high-quality layouts faster—and with more flexibility—than ever. And because we bring our full-service platform right to your worksite, you can give layout automation technology a try without investing in your own robot, team, or equipment.

Enjoy white-glove layout service from file prep to printing.

Discover the modern approach to layout. We prepare your 2D and 3D models and come to your worksite ready to translate them into bold lines and detailed data printed right on the floor for build-by-number clarity. The result? Smoother installation, accelerated timelines, and enhanced build quality.


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