Posted: August 14th, 2023

Rugged Robotics Wins Builtworlds’ Top Solution Award

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Rugged Robotics Takes Top Spot in the Tools, Equipment, and Robotics Category

Conor Murphy had an incredible time at BuiltWorlds’ representing Rugged Robotics to accept the Builtworlds’ Top Solution award in the Tools, Equipment, and Robotics category! It was great to be surrounded by and gain insights from industry leaders in construction, technology, and venture who are all striving to break from the status quo and improve the way the world builds. While there are too many topics to cover, there were a few key takeaways from the conference that stood out to us:

  • The labor shortage is real: Lack of top labor is on everyone’s mind and most think it is going to continue or get worse. The single biggest concern regarding labor was the lack of talented young people joining the industry. While there is no simple solution to this problem, construction leaders are implementing cutting-edge technology as a way to attract an increasingly tech-savvy generation.
  • The tech exists: For years the promise of solving complex physical world problems with high tech digital solutions has been discussed, debated, and seen as “a few years away.” There seemed to be a consensus among leaders at BuiltWorlds that we are finally at a stage as an industry that these solutions are here, and they work. Robots, drones, 3d scanning, and a whole host of software solutions allow the best GC’s to build more efficiently and effectively.
  • Moving from “cool” to ROI: With all the technological solutions now available, it can feel overwhelming. Most pilot programs fail due to mismanaged expectations of what can be delivered and a lack of ability to measure the value of the pilot. The best companies can help guide you through the evaluation process and provide appropriate guidance on how to evaluate if a pilot was successful.

Thank you again to the BuiltWorlds’ team for having Rugged Robotics! We can’t wait to attend next year.

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